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Re: What about polarizers?

Of course there are situations when polarizer is indispensable, like when shooting through the glass against which you cannot press the lens hood. What happens though, you learn to avoid those situations

As to reflections on foliage, water, etc., as unbelievable as it sounds, Leica lenses do handle them better than any other glass. The reason is, high micro-contrast, which resolves detail under the reflection making glare visibly more transparent. Incidentally, it is the micro-contrast that also makes slightly out-of-focus Leica pictures look sharper than they are. People who shoot their Summiluxes mostly wide open are not familiar with the effect, as micro-contrast becomes sufficiently high at f/2.8 and further increases when stopping down to f/8. Since Tri-Elmars are f/4, you don't have to stop down to see this. Just try it
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