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Re: Duct tape???


Leica uses an OVF. Many M lens hoods block partially the view, particularly the lower corner near the lens axis. The holes aid to see through the hood for composing, very beneficial.

Yes, that pano uses C3's (in-camera) sweep panorama. Quite fun to play with. From my experience, the Leica M lenses on M9 can (depends, of course!), relatively speaking to e.g. Canon L's on 5D2, a bit more saturated. But I find not so on my C3 though.

Have fun finding a solution besides a quick effort with dirty duct taping.


Paul Richman wrote:

Thanks, Steven. i must admit that I hate the idea of using duct tape on this lovely gear. Ugh! Over time, I suspect gummy adhesive from the tape will get all over... Have any idea why they left holes there?

Nice pano, Steven. Done in-camera, right?

I don't find the color saturation and contrast all that different from the Zeiss and high end Nikon lenses I've been using. But they are a bit sharper, and way smaller and lighter.

Steven-T wrote:

Use a duct tape (cut a small arch) to tape up those stupid holes in the adapter. I find no problem with using filters on the WATE, . . . Just used my GND on the WATE yesterday. Here is a quick pano on C3, at 16mm, casual, only one sweep, done.

What Irakly said about color saturation is (quite) true (my limited prudency), but that's different from what you said about metal/water/leaf/other surface reflections etc, which is also true. I agree with both of you.


Paul Richman wrote:

Interesting! But I must admit to being somewhat skeptical about this, even from such an accomplished photographer as you.

Polarizers remove reflections, eg on leafs, which can make a dramatic effect.

However, I've now put the CP setup on the Tri-Elmar. What a pain! And the filter holder has holes in it, which let light in from the back!

I'm going to post questions about this wacko design soon, in another post, but what can you tell me, Irakly?

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

pretty soon you will find that with leica m lenses colors are saturated enough even without a polarizer. that is, of course, if you use the hood.
Irakly Shanidze

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