G1X samples . . . a waste of a fine camera

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Re: How about low ISO?

Rockchan wrote:

"Okay, it is good at high ISO, but what happen to the soft IQ overall even at low ISO?"

Though I disagree that the results are "soft" I must point out that Canon, in almost all their digital cameras, including DSLR's, have laid off the sharpness dial and instead have allowed the users to make (quick) adjustments, as they see fit.

My issue with the camera is not IQ, as the reviews will eventually sumize, but rather the lack of features in this first iteration. And though there may still be time to add others before a final production model is issued, it's highly unlikely. That's the power and flexibility afforded to a company that consistently produces top notch photographic tools!

I think that this format, which I believe will be highly susceful, will mature over the next few years (more so feature wise) to bring it to the level that those more serious with the art, will demand it to be!

That said, I'll await for the G2X.

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