Flash diffuser for SEF15A?

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Re: Flash diffuser for SEF15A?

Since, more than one week has passed without seeing an example diffuser for the
SEF15A, I thought, my approach may be worth considering if you haven't in the
meantime figured out something else.

Basically, I use the diffuser designed for cameras with both a pop-up flash and a

hot shoe. Several vendors on Amazon offer them. I bought two sets: Opteka first then Cowboy. In fact, I was quite happy how the Opteka worked out but
lost the white diffuser head. So the Cowboy's one was really meant as a
replacement but it didn't work because of the wider width of its bracket. In
other words, I actually lucked out by getting the Opteka's first.

If the bracket is used, the Opteka's bracket basically clamps on the flash
head quite nicely as shown in the attached photos,. Adding some Velcro will

further secure it. (Not shown in the photo) But, the bracket makes it a bit too
bulky and, for some people, ugly.

It can also be done without the bracket. Just strategically adding Velcro to the

flash at certain spots such as side and bottom and, correspondingly, to the diffuser
head can secure the diffuser head quite well too as shown in the last photo.

The URL links for Opteka and Cowboy diffusers are also included.

I hope this helps.

Opteka diffuser


Cowboy diffuser


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