Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Seriously?

Nadia373 wrote:

You are right and I am upset with myself. I have not learned the full capacity of the camera going from the D70 I did not do my homework, however with all your input I got it. I am a fast learner and appreciate all your help. I always shoot in A that was mistake number one, did not consider the shutter speed, mistake number two and yes I messed up with the F stop number four. I was too lazy to bring my 70-200 VR b/c I was told it does not work well on full frame mistake number five. Definetly not reading the manual and going back to the forum for questions knocked me out.

Hi Nadia,

You will get there. Just practice and study some photography basics. I must add to what has been said just a quick thing. The exposure basics mentioned to you have nothing to do with the D700 or the quality of lens. It's all fundamental photography basics that apply just as much to a D70 as they would any camera. It can be a handful at first and you will require a different set of things to learn for each shooting environment. However, when you learn the fundamental factors of exposure and how they effect your final image, then you will know how to apply that knowledge to many circumstances (sports included). You have very great gear for the type of shooting you are trying to do. You can get absolutely professional results with it. Keep practicing and I would suggest some reading up on fundamental exposure either from a book or online. Remember, the same concepts apply to any camera, you wont get the knowledge from the D700 manual.

Please I mean no offense, just hoping to help in some small way. Take care and happy shooting!

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