Orbs: Sensor or Software issue?

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Re: Orbs/Lens Spherical Aberration - nonsense...

This response to my theory shows what I meant about personal attacks. Not only did the writer misrepresent my theory but he made statements which are wrong. Circles of confusion do not exist at thee image plane as he stated. Circles of confusion refer to out of focus areas. There is no out of focus area at the image plane. But of course the image plane is only two dimensional so that what we perceive as being in sharp focus are circles of confusion too small for us to see. I would suggest that the writer read about spherical aberration and the ways of correcting for it. He will find that the lens designer can place the most visible circles of confusion either before or after the plane of focus.

As to the possible overcorrection of blooming, you can reduce the exposure of a bright spot from a camera without the orb problem and find that in some cases you will produce a black line around the blooming. I' m not suggesting that this is the problem with the Fuji, but it shows what can be done with the software.

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