We need an FF EVIL.

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Re: We need an FF EVIL.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I think there are two ways you can use mirrorless, either to make a gonzo sports camera using PDAF AND CDAF focusing off the sensor, and, quite separately, to make an M9 killer.

I think we'll see an FF of each type. There are three major makers with an interest in this. For the dSLR replacement, Canon have the motivation, Nikon the technology, while Sony have gone the SLT route. So my money is on either Nikon or Canon.

For the M9 killer, Sony have said they could get an FF sensor into a NEX7. Nikon - I just have a feeling they are on it.

So, I don't know!

Selfishly, I want an M9 killer from Nikon. I have the lenses... The Uber dSLR I don't need or want.

Sony hasn't done anything I consider "Innovative" since the inception and issue of "Betamax" and "Trinitron".

Even the semi-transparent mirror thing isnt NEW, it just hadn't been used for a long time.

Same goes for Canon.. The last "Innovative" things they did were a "True Pro Grade Camera" and the "Digital Rebel".

Nikon OTOH has introduced "on sensor PDAF" which IS an innovation.. The 1 series is innovative, and it came from Nikon.

I think we need to look to Nikon for a FF mirrorless camera.

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