Pentax K-r (vs. Canon 60D)

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Re: Pentax K-r (vs. Canon 60D)

The shutter is louder on the K-r and it was on the K-x. I also had a fairly loud clack shutter on my Km5d. It was not a major problem for me, but I would say that in general that Canon and Nikon models are quieter shutter wise.

On the lens I didn't find the 18-55mm that great it was ok at times but at the longer end not so good. Things improved if you stopped it down quite a bit, overall a mediocre lens but still capable enough if you work around the weak points

Metering wise I've found the Pentax 16 zone metering to be worse and less consistent than my 14 zone metering on my KM. The K-r seemed slightly better than the K-x (maybe they tweaked it a bit but not much) but I tended to have to increase exposure a lot in low light (sometimes well over a stop) in brighter light again metering was a bit hit and miss I usually had it at +0.7 for daylight shots, but if you have a very contrasty scene that would blow out the sky so I'd have to dive down maybe to a stop under. On the KM I could pretty much just set it at -0.3 to help avoid highlights clipping and it was very near to the mark across a variety of subjects and lighting. The K-r was not that consistent metering wise over and under too often.

You could try setting the metering to be linked to the AF point, this helps for portraits shots and I found it slightly lifted exposures in general.

Or try the CW and spot metering they are consistent

So for outside brighter I'd say you'll have underexposure, inside again the same thing, on contrast scenes you'll have overexposure more often so it's a bit of a roller-coaster ride. All I can say is I think the 16 segment metering needs updating. I rarely took a shot on the K-x and K-r that didn't have exposure compensation sometimes quite a lot. On my D90 it just nails it most times without any adjustments.

Most cameras require some tweaking in very strong light (ie less exposure) but rarely as much as this model and previous ones. I would say Canon and Nikon are far better in general for metering. It's not the number of zones that count it's the performance as my Km showed that is a lot more consistent exposure wise.

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