Naive reactions on the D4 (long rant)

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Re: Impressive rant, would be more impressive...

teodorian2 wrote:

fad wrote:

Nikon is clearly losing a lot of sales by the lack of compelling value in upgrading to the D4.

So what´s missing in the most improved Nikon DSLR ever?

  • 48-bit video capture (like all Canon's DSLRs ...)?

  • 1080/60p video capture (like Sony's A77 ...)?

  • an option to effortlessly synchronize settings among at least two different camera bodies (via IR or Wi-Fi)?

  • a lighter carbon-fiber body chasis (even $200 tripods are made of carbon these days)?

  • a ditched 20 years old dinosaur 10-pin terminal replaced with something more up to date? Why do we even need it, if we have HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports on the cam? I mean ... the thing became a legend for it's clumsyness alone ...

  • Built-in GPS (like Sony's A77 ...)?

  • something like Canon's sRAW; an option to shoot stills in RAW/NEF format at lower resolutions (6, 12 and 16 mpix options would be great!)

  • card slots made that way, it would be possible to use two CF card with the use of an adapter?

  • an adapter, that converts the new EN-EL18 battery to be compatible with the MH-22 charger and vice versa?

  • A better, sharper screen with increased resolution vs just enlarged one with the same resolution (3.2-inch with 912.000 dots while Fujifilm X-Pro1 has 3-inch with 1.230.000 dots and Canon 1DX has 3.2-inch with 1.040.000 dots)

  • Built-in shutter count?

  • a strap, worth it's name, considering it comes with a $6.000 camera?

  • 12fps full-resolution shooting (Sony's A77 can do it with 24mpix, Canon 1DX can do 12 with AF and even 14fps with MF and JPEG with 18mpix ...)?

  • Option of auto Time zone and time adjustment when Wi-Fi or GPS receivers detected?

  • Possibility to adjust flash via camera body when off-shoe (like Canons ...)?

  • An adapter to use AA batteries for (back-up) power source?

  • ...

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