Low light shots... Does the nod go to the NEX 5N or 7 ?

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Re: Low light shots... Does the nod go to the NEX 5N or 7 ?

Please see my print at 25' x 40' which is made from my Sigma DP1 raw image .


turnstyle wrote:

El Matadurr wrote:

You bring up a good point, but you sort of contradict yourself there in the last sentence. It probably doesn't go up to 3200 because the sensor is taking at 24 MP, it doesn't scale them down in-camera, unless you select medium or small (12MP and 6MP), but I don't think it bumps up the ISO there either.

Though my expectation is most 24MP photos are going to be scaled down for output.

Off-hand I don't know how large a typical 24MP print would be without scaling, but I'm assuming it would be pretty big -- likewise, I assume most photos are emailed, uploaded, or printed at smaller sizes (4x6, 5x7, even 8x10 would be, and I am guessing here, also scaled down).

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