Leica VARIO-ELMAR-R 35-70 mm f/4 on Nex 7 (pics)

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Re: Thanks, Irakly...

The Leica R APO tele zooms are great, but bulky and heavy (and VERY expensive, for me).

I bought a Elmar 135/4 for $170 last year, with the only money I had. But I just broke the filter thread last week. The 135mm becomes 210mm on C3 (and N7). With a little cropping, it has been my only M tele.

What I missed most is my Canon 17TSE for landscape and architecture. Just don't understand no one markets a M-shift adapter for NEX. With my fast f/1.2 and f/1.4 primes for (street - used to, and) portraiture, I am holding onto my Canon EOS, for now. But I have been selling down my Canon gears starting two years ago. Need to do more . . .


Paul Richman wrote:

Steven-T wrote:

The Leica 21-35 R Asph is an exceptional lens.

I'm excited! It comes Weds.

Now, Paul needs a Leica R 70-200 (or something) zoom!

Mmm... I've been seeing allot of those on ebay. They're not very expensive, especially compared to other Leica lenses. Are they any good?

They seem too big for what I want. I'm going for small and light now. I'll have the Leica 90mm f2.5 and Leica 135mm Teylt f3.4. The Nex 7 has a 1.5 multiplier. I think I'm pretty set for now. My hiking kit is almost 1/4 the size and weight of my old, now sold (and I miss it!) Nikon gear.

Paul Richman
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