X-S1 Arrived Today!

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Michael Harvey Contributing Member • Posts: 585
X-S1 Arrived Today!

Unfortunately, it arrived LATE in the day so I haven't had much time to play with it yet.

First Impression: It's BIG! Almost exactly the same size as my D7000 w/55mm f/2.8 Micro attached (only slightly lighter)!

Right away, I'm asking myself - "since they made it as big as a DSLR anyway...why didn't they just put the sensor from the X100 in it, instead of the X-10?"
I think they've left the door open for yet another model.

Still, the camera handles higher ISO's very well. In normal print sizes, without a lot of cropping, iso 3200 looks just fine and 6400 is at least "OK". In this respect it is MUCH better than the FZ150, which starts to look a little 'dirty' past iso 800.

The build-quality is far beyond any other 'superzoom' I've ever seen. It looks and feels more like a high-quality DSLR.

GOOD NEWS: I simply could NOT make any "orbs"! And believe me, I tried!

Also...I don't know how they did it, but that 1.4x and 2X amplifier on the optical zoom works really well. You have to really look to see any degradation. And the additional optical zoom as compared to the FZ-150 is readily noticeable and appreciated.

HOWEVER - the Image Stabilization doesn't seem to be up to the job at extreme telephoto. I was unable to get a truly sharp hand-held image. I'll be experimenting with the various IS settings and I'm hoping that there is some little secret setting that I don't know about (yet). The User' Manual has very little to say about it.

The BIGGEST WEAK SPOTS: This camera has an unusual focus "issue".

It does rather well in low light (much better than the FZ-150 and X100) but seems to be stymied with bright, highly contrasted, irregularly-shaped objects! I hope I can better describe this as I work with using the camera more.

It certainly doesn't focus anywhere near as quickly or sharply as the D7000. I didn't expect that it would, but I keep hoping that the Superzooms will close the gap between them and DSLRs more dramatically.

LOTS OF DISTORTION AT 24mm: More than the FZ-150. Vertical lines at the edges look more like 70 degree angles!

I'm not as excited as I hoped to be...but I've only had it a few hours

I'll work with it tonight and tomorrow and hope to have more in-depth comments and post some sample images.


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