G3 experiences as compact travel camera?

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Re: G3 experiences...

I recently picked up the G3 with 2-lens kit for the same purpose - a lighter, more compact kit for travel. My other setup, which I've been using for quite a while, is a Canon 50D with 3 zooms (plus a modified 20D for infrared) Of course the main advantage as a travel cam is size and weight, and once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to the big SLR stuff - even my 50D with 17-85 seems huge now!

From my tests I have no doubt that the G3 itself can holds its own when copmared to the 50D - but the kit lenses leave me feeling a little disappointed. The 14-42 is fine at the wide end, but not so good at the 42mm end - like wise with the 45-200 which I'm finding barely adequate for me at the 200mm end, which is invariably where I want to use it! (The weird thing about the 45-200 is that it seems to give variable results from frame to frame - one soft and one sharp, same scene and focus point, taken seconds apart...)

I think that if you're comparing it to a fixed lens compact like the G11, it's going to be an improvement - no question, you can get really nice photos out of this kit. But if you're downsizing from an SLR and are used to having some good lenses, you might find it lacking. That's my problem right now - I really want the G3 to be able to replace my 50D, but I'm used to the 70-200 f4 IS, which is a hard act to follow! If you mainly shoot wide angle, I think this is much less of an issue - I am pretty happy with the little kit lens at 14mm.

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