Help me choose an affordable 85mm that's sharp at f2.0

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Re: Legacy? Look for the Olympus OM Zuiko f2 85mm

Hen3ry wrote:

I had it back in the day. A true jewel -- actually very like the characteristics of today's m43 f1.8 45mm. So sharp you could cut yourself on its images; so smooth in its rendering that you wouldn't notice the self-inflicted surgery!

The OM Zuiko f2.8 135mm was recommended by others in another thread a little while ago, and I endorse that too. There was an f2 100mm late in the OM cycle, but I have no direct information about that, but I have read good reports. The f2.8 100mm released early in the OM cycle was pretty crappy, I thought.

Hey, I just bought an OM 100/2.8!

It seems fine, but I haven't really shot much with it yet. I think mine was made a little later on, but it's not the last generation. I'd like to figure out exactly when it was made and more about its specs, but I haven't found a resource for that. It seems Olympus was pretty scatter brained about their serial number sequencing.

Worth noting is that the f2 85mm was a small lens so even with an adapter, it would make for good balance and handy size on an m43.

The OM 85/2 isn't cheap, but it's not nearly as expensive as the OM 100/2. I have to wonder how much of a price jump occurred with the introduction of mirrorless, because US$819 for a "bargain" grade lens for an out of production mount seems a tad high to me.

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