Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Seriously?

Practice makes perfect, and asking the questions helps get answers. I'm sure you're next outing will be much much better!

Try to keep your shutter speed 1/250th or faster, 1/500 is even better if there's enough light.

Shoot wide open to help with that light issue.

Up your ISO until you can get the right exposure. I shoot manual, as lighting is often very consistant across the ice! Some minor league rinks you may end up having to shoot 1/200 f/2.8 ISO 3200. Just take some pictures and look your screen. Press up if you're histogram (graph looking thing) isn't showing. Try to get the majority of the graph way up to the right side, this will be your ice. If you can get it so it rolls off just before going off the right side you're golden for exposure. Leave your settings there.

For focus, as others said, stick to single point AF-Continuous (dial on front beside the lens, and switch on back. If you unlock your focus points, you can use the arrows to move that one focus point around.

This is key because you're going to have to keep that single focus point over the head of your player, and continuously half press your shutter. Fully press and go back to half press when you want to take a picture.

The trick to it is keeping that focus point on your subject, as that is what is keeping your focus. This will take practice.

Interestingly, once you get your panning with the subject, you can actually get away with slightly slower shutter speeds for some interesting motion blur effects, though fast action such as the sticks and puck will be extremely blurred. Stick with 1/200 or faster for now

And check back in and let us know how it went!
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