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Re: I am told that 2 new DSLRs this year

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

Anyhow, with the K-r being discontinued and stock being limited (B&H don't have any) there is a need to get a new camera out to replace the K-r market nitch. It could be a mirrorless or another dslr. R&D for the K-r replacement should have been completed a while ago. I am guessing we will see an announcement on a K-r replacement by CP+. There is already offical leaks (German Pentax poster with comments about it expanding) about something coming soon. From the interview of the Pentax R&D head I would expect the K-r replacement to have a 100% viewfinder and be smaller than the K-r. Can this be done an still keep the mirror is an unkown.

I'm sure the work for a new K-r has already been done (and mostly before Ricoh took over)

It better have been. or something is wrong.

Really depends on the model line up. I can't say I'd welcome a smaller K-r..that body is small enough (it was more comfortable than the K-x which was too small for my hands)

Same with me.

A 100% VF adds production cost and I'm not sure that's a viable option for a pentamirror VF. Unless the K-r does a "D90" type mid level body and has a bigger pentaprism VF but it's not going to be entry level price.

I am not sure when the R&D president mention 100% viewfinder if he means optical. It could be an EVF in the intro level camera. Then again it could mean a hydbrid viewfinder with the Samsung transparent OLED used in in the viewfinder screen. One will lose about 30 to 50% light passing through the transparent OLED. Then when the mirror is up for liveview one could use either the rear LCD screen or the viewfinder. Just an idea.

At this stage it's very hard to tell but I'm not entirely convinced "making it smaller" is a brilliant strategy just on it's own.

The E-PL2 camera I brought for my wife is a little too small for me and I really don't like the limited battery life.

I think a 3 model line up would work well enough a genuine entry model, a mid level type body (plastic with a better bigger VF and more controls, maybe some sealing) and a top end semi/pro level body

A 3 model dslr line-up would really make a lot of sense.

That would work well for Pentax

Yes it would.

But bodies are just one aspect of the system and that alone will prevent any big market share pick up. Lots of work to do for K mount, and not enough time to do it.

Very true. Some more K-mount lenses are needed. Also an updated flash.


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