Update Nex 5n clicking sound

Started Jan 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
egarc Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: This is so frustrating ...

My 5N doesn't have a hint of clicking. I bought it after Sony had identified the problem and started rolling out cameras without the defect.

Truthfully, we really don't know what Sony is doing in the production line. The OP said he spoke to a Sony engineer and I believe the OP is sincere but tech support sometimes gives out erroneous information.

I don't have grease spots on my 5N and no clicking. My advice is to pull the trigger and purchase it. It's an amazing little camera.

harry2007 wrote:

I am about to hit the purchase button, and this post really got me down.

Is this clicking sound problem affected all cameras?

As indicated by the OP, it looks it is.

But I read some owners said their 5N dont have this clicking problem.

Is that true?

Sony fixed this by puting some grease, yeah. Grease is like oil, and I dont really like that idea.

I think I will delay my purchase now, I really cannot make up my mind.

So frustrating and infuriating knowing Sony will not make any changes in the future production to correct this issue.


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