Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Nadia, you will get there.

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I've shot a few games. All I do is open up to the widest aperture (So normally that's 1.4 or f/2 for me) and watch what shutter speed I am getting in the view finder. If it's not sufficient I grind the ISO speed up to give me a better shutter. The rest is just focus and composition practice.

I am not Nikon shooter (yet), however as far as I remember, Nikon has Auto ISO setting very useful for sport shooters. You can set minimal shutter speed in Auto ISO settings, so camera won't go slower than specified there, instead it will increase ISO.

All you need is to do, set minimal shutter speed in Auto ISO to 1/500-ish, set ISO to Auto, camera to aperture mode and you just control aperture without worrying neither about ISO, nor about shutter speed during your shoot.

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Very true. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it's useful in very changeable light. Especially in clubs where lights are flashing etc.

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