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Re: Re electronic first curtain shutter

Does this differ from the "global shutter" used in the first generation of Canon 1d series or the Nikon D1 series? Will it have any problems with highlights bleeding into adjacent pixels?

Thanks, Des

Andy Westlake wrote:

iso rivolta wrote:

Most high quality compact cameras and all Canon compacts with CCD sensors have electronic first curtain central shutters...

So there's nothing new compared with other Powershots, maybe there is when compared with other large sensor compacts like Fuji X100.

Precisely. It's highly dependent upon sensor technology, and most other large-sensor, fixed lens cameras such as the Fujifilm X100, or interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras from Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung use physical shutters to start the exposure. The only exceptions to this that I'm aware of are the latest Sony NEXs, which use electronic first-curtain shutters. But they also use focal plane shutters to end the exposure, which are rather louder.

The point is that few, if any large sensor cameras can match the G1 X's combination of minimal shutter lag (once focused) and near-silent operation.

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