Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Nadia, you will get there.

Nadia373 wrote:

You are right and I am upset with myself. I have not learned the full capacity of the camera going from the D70 I did not do my homework, however with all your input I got it. I am a fast learner and appreciate all your help. I always shoot in A that was mistake number one, did not consider the shutter speed, mistake number two and yes I messed up with the F stop number four. I was too lazy to bring my 70-200 VR b/c I was told it does not work well on full frame mistake number five. Definetly not reading the manual and going back to the forum for questions knocked me out.

Nadia, we all live and learn do not worry about it. IMO Aperture priority mode is fine for sports; IF you understand exposure. I'm not into shutter priority, I prefer to control the aperture and ISO and keep watchful eye on the speed. The point is either works.

I've shot a few games. All I do is open up to the widest aperture (So normally that's 1.4 or f/2 for me) and watch what shutter speed I am getting in the view finder. If it's not sufficient I grind the ISO speed up to give me a better shutter. The rest is just focus and composition practice.

So you could easily re shoot it, open up to 2.8 as this will let the most light in, and keep your shutter above at least 1/200 but ideally faster. Check out what happens, you will get different motion effects with different speeds.

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