New AF-S 85 mm 1:1.8G or old AF 85mm 1.8D?

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Re: New AF-S 85 mm 1:1.8G or old AF 85mm 1.8D?

thanks a lot for your ideas and tips!
i know that good photography doesn´t need a good lens but a good photographer.
anyway i want a new lens.

a lot of pics i´m shooting with my son are made in low light situations - that´s the reason why i don´t want a zoom lens.

i have the cheap nikkor 50mm, the problem is the extrem slow and (for my opinion) unreliable autofocus and the short distance.
do you really think that the new 85mm is much better than the old 85mm?

i really like portrait shots with a nice bokeh - do you think the bokeh will be better (are there any specs which will give a hint that it will be a better bokeh)?

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