G1X already on Bestseller List at Amazon

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Gary N W Forum Pro • Posts: 10,857
Re: G1X... GARY! :)--Hi Ezra R.

It makes total sense Ezra what you say. I am partial to Canon digicams anyway cept for the S602z Pro's I own I would probably be using Canon anyway. I still have some Canon DSLR's but I cannot lug them around anymore @ my age in the sierras.

Just know I miss you and will look in to see how you are doing and looking forward to your posts.

All the best my friend, Gary N W SFO

Ezra R wrote:

Gary N W wrote:

I have missed seeing your' really nice images and comments in the other forum. Have you given up on your X10 for some reason? I truly have enjoyed your comments and images there.

Hi Gary. Thanks for the comment.

I have not given up on the X10, just gotten really busy. However, I am planning to sell it for a G1X. Truth is, either camera can take fabulous images, btu I always promised myself a larger sensor in a P&S when it came available.


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