EPM1 IBIS issues revisited

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Re: This is Not a IBIS Thing, or an AC Lighting Thing...

Now that I have looked more into this menu option, I think you are right.

It could have caused the effect if it were set to do so. I may have manually had those settings by coincidence. Still confused a bit about the second one. There is a distinct double image. I can see it on my original but not too much here on the form.

Anyway, something to be aware of.


WT21 wrote:

I believe "blurred motion to stopped motion" is just marketing talk for newbies. It just changes the shutter speed.

Allan Brown wrote:

J R R S wrote:

I have recently just noticed this from my timelase images of cars at night - all taken with tripod and IS turned off - mostly 2sec exposures - and I get the same ghosting effect..

At first I too thought ah ha it will be the 50Hz mains flicker from the street lights - then of course car headlights are DC 12v so they do not flicker - ok maybe the LED ones do but I took 2hrs of timelapse and very few cars were the LED type - although I dont think the LEDs flicker either - so bang goes that theory!

It must be the camera reads the sensor multiple times to make an exposure (60 times a sec?) layers each exposure and where there is no change of image, gives a better and fuller exposure as each cycle is adding to the last lowering the noise level - but where there is movement it does not overlay and you get "the ghost" if I am right I should test by seeing if a 1/60th sec exposure is producing the same qualiy/exposure image as 1 ghost part from a longer exposure! (I don't know if 1/60th is the read speed I'm just guessing that).

But it is not AC lighting frequency as the car lights DC dissproves and elliminates this factor!

You may be onto something with this.

I have only had the camera for a few weeks and had initially turned off the Live Guide in favour of the SCP. I usually shoot in A mode. So, today I had a look at it for the first time.

One of the items on the Live Guide menu is Express Motions. This gives you the option of going from "Blurred Motion" to "Stop Motion" with 0 being the default.

I did not have this enabled but it shows that the camera is capable of this and ties in with what you said.

Is it possible that this "feature" is resulting in this strobe effect even though it was "off"?

If so, does it show up on other Olympus cameras? I have not seen it with my G3.


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