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Re: 1DX Vs D4?

jeminijoseph wrote:

That's was my point too. He's someone doesn't exaggerate as a brand addict. From Nikon's own statement the noise didn't improve on D4 but keeping better details at ISO 12,800. I'll believe it when I see it. But from Borg's statement and Nikon's own statement, lower ISO (may be up to 3200) it has better color/tonality/skin color and details. That's great. I also believe better DR especially at low ISO.

How does Canon do compared to D3s. That's what I'm curious about. If 1DX is better than D3s (in Noise), then Canon has the winner this time. The biggest selling point seems to be noise among professionals (and amateurs). I also believe what Borg said about 1Dx's AF.

Bill Fagan wrote:

Interestingly, Mr. Borg has been correct so often that I have no problem taking his statements at face value. He seems to think twice before writing, something I could certainly learn from-

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Jemini Joseph


It´s extremely unlikely that the Canon 1DX can be significantly better in image quality (1/3 EV or more) than the D3s or the D4. To be able to be visibly superior (1/3 EV) over the D3s at ISO 12800 the Canon 1DX must improve upon the sensor in the 5D Mk II with 1 EV in SNR (including some 1/3 stop of actual ISO sensitivity), 1,41 EV in DR (including some 1/3 stop of actual ISO sensitivity), 0,92 bits in tonal range (including some 1/3 stop of actual ISO sensitivity) and finally 2,06 bits in color depth (including some 1/3 stop of actual ISO sensitivity). At ISO 25600 the challenge is even more unbelievable to succeed with: more than 1 1/2 EV in SNR, almost 2 1/3 EV in DR, 1,39 bits in tonal range and a whopping 3,46 bits in color depth. I wonder what kind of logical reasoning you use in that you have faith in the Canon 1DX with 18 MP being able to be better than the D3s but the 16 MP D4 should fail?

So you don´t trust any Nikon statement about the image quality of the D4 but blindingly believe in everything that your "Guru Mr Borg" express?

You really are convinced that the D4 is inferior vs the D3s in image quality at high ISO?

Why would Nikon for the first time ever put out a successor that is worse in high ISO over the previous model?

Why would Nikon lie about the D4 being better and risk confidence in advance claiming the D4 being better but with later practical results revealing the opposite to be true?

Please explain why this Nikon representive say all this if it´s untrue:

"Speaking exclusively to TechRadar at CES 2012, Nikon Europe's Lars Pettersson explained that the manufacturer had two targets for the new sensor, the first of these being to boost pixel count to allow greater scope for cropping . However, the company also wanted to increase the signal to noise ratio so that the D4's images would be cleaner and have greater dynamic range .

"Although increasing the sensor's dynamic range has been a key aim for Nikon with the D4, Pettersson is as yet unable to quote any figures that give a measure of the company's success in this regard, but he describes the jump is 'significant'. He also explained that the colour rendition has a very linear response across the ISO 100-12,800 sensitivity range, making high sensitivity images much better than from the D3S .

" Maintaining as much detail resolution as possible at ISO 12,800 was a key aim for Nikon when designing the D4 and, according to Pettersson, this has been achieved by an improved sensor contruction and better noise reduction.

Noise production has been reduced by enabling more light to reach the photoreceptors . This has been acheived by reducing the width of the walls between the receptors and making the (gapless) microlenses sit even closer together than before.

"Nikon has also reduced the amount of light that is reflected from the whole optical system, including the microlenses and low-pass filter . This means that more light reaches the photo diodes and is used to generate the signal so that image quality is boosted .

The D4's EXPEED 3 processing engine also plays a part as it allows much more data to be processed very quickly and this means that more complex noise reduction algorythms can be applied . The end result of all this, Nikon says, is much improved low light images. "

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