New AF-S 85 mm 1:1.8G or old AF 85mm 1.8D?

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Re: New AF-S 85 mm 1:1.8G or old AF 85mm 1.8D?

Blurred backgrounds don't automatically make great shots. I recommend highly reading the strobist site. Almost everything you learn there is usable on all cameras and lenses and will be future proof. If you think you are getting ugly pictures then do something about it TECHNIQUE wise. A single lens is NOT going to make your pictures suddenly wonderful.

I was waiting for a new body to replace my D50 and hoping for better high ISO abilities. I waited a year and instead of trying to push my gear to it's ISO limits I started working on my flash technique. Everything I learned that year (or so) is still with me. No piece of gear made or broke my abilities to catch images. I eventually got a D700, so now I have better high ISO from the camera and some flash techniques from my brain.

And a finer note. If you used the D lens now and got great shots for the next couple of months of your child at a time of it's life that you can't get back, how angry would you be when the next lens came out and was 5 times better? If your shots were good then you wouldn't be angry. If your shots were bad then you WOULD be angry. Whether shots are good or bad comes from you not the lens.

Guy Moscoso

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