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Re electronic first curtain shutter

Most high quality compact cameras and all Canon compacts with CCD sensors have electronic first curtain central shutters. That is the way the shutter works in this type of cameras anyway from many many years ago. If you are looking in some old spec sheets from most manufacturers you can see the shutter defined as electronic + mechanical.

You can look into the lens of a Powershot series camera during the exposure.

Set the camera in manual exposure mode, wide open aperture, the shutter speed of let's say a few seconds and manual focus and you can hear that the start of the exposure is totally silent and nothing really visibly happens. Then at the end of the exposure, you can see and hear the shutter's blade passing trough the lens diaphragm opening.

So there's nothing new compared with other Powershots, maybe there is when compared with other large sensor compacts like Fuji X100.

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