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Re: Sad though to discard the technical from consideration

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

DMillier wrote:

It's a bit sad that all we seem to care about Is tecchnical image quality. There is no technical magic bullet after which everything will be alll right and before which everything is no good.

But neither will the best photographer in the world be able to rise beyond the limits of the equipment they use.

valid depends on your style of shooting...for some...waiting almost a minute (40 sec or whatever) after the buffer is full, its simply the worst limit, so he cannot live with it.

Yes a great photographer can produce an amazing image with a Lomo. But even more amazing can be the images they produce when something highly technical and a photographer with great vision come together to produce something both technically and artistically excellent.

you are missing the point here, seriously...when a photographer uses a lomo to shoot his picture, is because the LOMO is the choice of making art. So no, an SD1(or other camera) would not make a better job

Although I personally do not do sports photography I can admire truly inspired work made possible by something like Nikons very fast and accurate focusing.

sports are for PJ, and sigma cameras do not fit well here

The Sigma cameras are just one kind of tool an artist can use. Why frown on the brush someone has chosen to paint with just because they think the hairs distribute paint just that much more pleasantly than other brushes tried?

who is doing that?

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