So, you wanted to know about Nikon D7000?

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windsprite wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

As people remarked above, switching from AF-S to AF-C actually takes hardly any button pushes at all, but it goes farther than that: you don't even have to switch! A lot of Nikon users have their cameras set to AF-C all the time, even for still photography, and they use the AF-ON button or AEL button on the back of the camera (similar to using the Oly Fn button) to activate the focus. Particularly if you shoot a mixture of moving and non-moving subjects, this is a much faster and easier method than constantly switching back and forth between AF-C and AF-S.

One of the weaknesses of the D7000 is that you can't really use it that way.

Josef, I searched before I wrote the post, and apparently you can, but you use the AEL/AFL button instead of the AF-ON button. I wouldn't miss AFL/AEL, but for some people, it might be a problem, this is true:

Hi Julie,

Yes you can do that, I know, but you have one button less. Personally I use both the AF-ON and the AEL and like the way it is and don't want t be without that possibility. As far as I know, the D7000 can be configured using other buttons but then you loose something else, so in my opinion, the one less button at the back is a problem. We are all different, so I understand if you don't miss that extra button but I would miss it.

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