Panasonic 45-200 vs x 45-175

Started Dec 6, 2011 | Discussions thread
Fredrik Glckner Veteran Member • Posts: 3,652
Re: Panasonic 45-200 vs x 45-175

Optically, I think there is little doubt the new lens is better. My comparison of the two lenses here:

But I would say both lenses are recommended. The older version for the good value for money, and the newer for the good optical qualities and compact form factor. And, of course, the power zooming, for those who need it.

The Lumix G 100-300mm lens is a very good one, in my opinion. At 100mm f/4, it is fantastically good, much better than the other tele zooms:

At 300mm, it is not that sharp, and quite suspectible to flare.

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