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Re: M10 soon ?

Paul20 wrote:

Had a chat with a Leica rep over the weekend about various things one of which was the M10. Whilst he could not confirm dates, his take was the M10 would be out within the next 12-18 months. He urged caution on expecting that an M10 would be significantly different to the M9. His take was that the M9 was pretty damn good as it is. He suggested we might see better ISO performance and screen resolution and maybe some additional MP but nothing that would radically alter the system.

I think this is the right approach. I personally hope that Leica concentrate their efforts on maximizing the IQ of the sensor, improving, if possible, dynamic range and maybe resolution. After that, small improvements such as battery life and weather sealing would be greatly appreciated. High ISO performance is not a big deal in my opinion. With fast lenses 2500 iso would be the highest I would ever need to go to, and that would be rare. Likewise features such as Live View and buffer speeds are superfluous to this system.



Yep, not a revolution, but instead an evolution.

The M10 will be a CMOS sensor camera, have the traditional rangefinder (perhaps with the M9 Titanium frame indicators?), feature Live view, and at least partial weather proofing (how to seal existing lenses would be the question). The LCD will be higher resolution (Live View demands that anyway these days). Unofficially, Leica has indicated use of newer CMOS technologies that will maintain the IQ we have come to expect of the M9 CCD. Probably by removing the AA filter and introducing something to control moiré ... perhaps the same or similar CMOS technology introduced in the Fuji X1 Pro APSC camera?

When Leica says the future is CMOS, I believe, among other things, that is because of the eventuality of an electronic based viewfinder option currently being pioneered by the likes of Sony and a few others. However, as far as the M digital camera, I think that is on the far horizon. It probably will make its initial appearance in an in-between Leica camera that takes both M, and with an adapter, R lenses which would require some form of TTL viewing ... which an electronic viewfinder would provide.

I believe Leica will introduce the M10 in September at Photokina, with it readily available by first quarter 2013. Initial cameras will be most available at the official Leica stores and boutiques. For those of us that are not early adopters, I'd say we are at least 1.5 years away ... maybe more.

Given Leica's new luxury brand reseller strategy that heavily favors highly controlled Leica franchise brick and mortar stores or boutiques located inside tony, upscale retailers, I'd speculate that prices will continue their upward mobility.

Since I have no issue with the M9 as it is for the way I use a rangefinder, I'm inclined to be very patient about all this anyway. However, that is a somewhat jaded view, since I also professionally use an S2 which gets a lot of my attention these days : -) My money is waiting for the S24mm, not another M digital.


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