Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

I forgot one thing. Don't use all them focusing points just use the 1 in the center and keep it simple.

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First off clean off that dusk on the 70-200 and start using it or sell it. When you shoot sports you are going for something in the middle of the frame so don't worry about that beautiful lens you have! I'm actually shocked that you didn't get much with the 24-70 considering that you were shooting full frame. I understand that you made the mistake of shooting at 30th of a sec.

I shot hockey for years in dark arenas where even 6400 iso wouldn't do much so hats off to everyone that has that luxury now with D700's and D3's. I shot my hockey on manual settings at 250th of a sec with 400 iso and when I was lucky I could shoot 200 iso in the real good lighted arenas. Oh I also shot with flash with a 4 second recycle time so 1 shot at a time. You had to make them count. Before Christmas I shot hockey for someone and I was using 70-200 vr II with DX camera body and the shutter speed was 160th to 250th. If I nailed the shot it was sharp and frozen. Hockey is shot with anything from 24-70 to 600mm lenses so take your pick. I noticed one comment about pee wee vs the men. The speed of the game does not change your shutter speed. But the better the skill level the easier it is to shoot and get good shots. They skate with their heads up.
You must practice shooting action if you want to excel at sports.

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