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Re: You may need the Leica lens codes

Steven-T wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

HuntingSand wrote:

These lens self-coding kits seem to work, btw. It's just tiny strips of paint applied to the lens mount anyway, not really an electronic code...

I woulod not recommend those self-coding ink kits. Yes, it will work the first time mounting the lens after coding. Then most of the time (90%?), once you un-mount the lens, the codes are smeared and become invalidated. You have to clean up and to code again. I gave up on the kit I have.

This is ONLY true for some m-mount lenses. I have Voigtlander lenses that I've coded just ONCE and the coding is still there, after many lens changes. The reason? Because they have a "groove" where the ink coding is done. So the ink stays where you put it (in the groove) even when you change the lens. No smears, no problem.


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