DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

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Re: DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

Thank you very much for making this comparison, it is absolutely relevant as a crucial issue for me is the price for getting a new camera; this is mostly underestimated or neglected in dpreview; the best camera is the one you can afford to buy!!

I own the dp2 and am planning to get the x10, so your posting is the best argument i have yet seen; i started serious photopgraphy with the legendary f31, thus the x10 seems like a very good continuation, and i think naturally of using 6mp yet honestly had not thought it could get anywhere close to the dp2

Since fuji cameras tend to fall in price after a few months, i will wait and thus also get the new firmware; i actually like pictures of street lamps and the sun behind trees, so i heed the warnings yet am mostly indifferent to fussing too much since it will in any case be much better than the red foveon patterns;)

Happy you make this work, and using a smallsensor i find it correct to compare the ooc jpg of x10 to the raw of dp2, that will be my preferred workstyle since i understand that the wb of x10 is pretty correct and especially skin colour natural

I had planned to use the semi-promised dp3, which realistically would have had a 28-84mm lens, so the x10 fills that long-avaited spot, which sigma sadly failed to manifest, and the x10 has so much more to love in actual shooting situations
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