I was missing the point

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Richard Frederick
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I was missing the point

I do not recall how I discovered the GXR and its great features, but I immediately replaced my Canon S80 with the GXR. Now the Canon served me well, particularly because I often had it with me. My DSLR (Nikon D700) stays behind most of the time. I have heard it said that the best photos are taken by the camera you have with you at the time.

I ordered the GXR with the P10 zoom and EVF. Later I was able to obtain an M Mount module, and I rapidly succumbed to Lens Buying Addiction (LBA). In addition to many manual Nikkors, I have CV, Canon, Russian, and Leitz lenses. My "small" camera bag floweth over. And it was staying behind.

A small sensor zoom, with auto exposure and auto focus can handle some situations where an manual, higher quality setup is not workable. Below is an image taken of a friend of mine in a Great Lakes Trainer.

This is an open cockpit two-place biplane. Occasionally he would invert the bird (fly upside down) and maintain level flight by applying one negative "G". This is where you hang in the straps and your guts try to exit your nose. Of course this is a hostile environment for contemplative photography. Also a bad place to have extensive equipment or equipment that is too valuable to use and maybe loose. The image was captured with the Canon S80 and is not a great picture, except that I can say that I got it. It stood up well enough to make an 11X14 print, and my buddy was very happy with his print.

I now plan to leave my precious M module and lenses behind (normally) and carry the GRX with P10 and EVF on a daily basis. I can't get images if I leave my gear behind.

On a slightly different subject, indoor pictures of people usually benefit more from good lighting than high resolution lensors. I have developed a method for adequate lighting using a minimum of equipment. The method is to use a small hand held external flash in conjunction with the GXRs pop-up unit. I attached a small thumb sized ring to the external flash, freeing up my left hand for other duties such as focusing with manual lenses. Then I can reposition the flash in my hand and use the external flash as intended.

The two images below illustrate this:

This unit works very well for me. It is a Sunpak PF20XD and can be either shoe mounted, or synched with the GXR pop-up, either auto or manual.

Again, my goal is to keep the equipment simple enough so that I have what I need (not what I lust for) with me. And capture some images.

I hope this has been of some use.

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