Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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Re: Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

chevysales wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:
no need to go so blindlingly bright as 135/140 with some monitors though

my nec pa does fine 80-120 cd/m^2, you get deeper blacks by not going brighter than you need to for current room conditions too

chevysales wrote:

great info in this thread... the usual suspects but what catches my eyes are Ethan's recommended values of 135/140 first time I have read that and will give it a try as I can brighten or darken my working area and will love to see difference in colors if any.

my thoughts were matching prints and maybe washed out whites a bit?

will try and see. as spyder 3 elite recommends the 140 at 6500 when i have patio door levelors open and 5800 at 120 when i am usual night working setup and its also when i usually print.

thanx i actually went last nite from 5800 to 6500 leaving it at 120 and that in itself seems blinding...interesting enough my print came out too dark so back to 5800 i go.

but i will play around with the some settings just to see what Ethan is speaking of but it is the first time i have read this recommendation.

he was speaking of on site work so maybe thats out in a brighter world

odd that changing the color temp made it get brighter, i would stick with color temp that you want and play with brightness to change brightness

and yeah maybe he was speaking for the humans and not the molemen such as ourselves hah

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