Epson 3000 vs. 3880? Help me decide

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Re: Epson 3000 vs. 3880? Help me decide

irvweiner wrote:

This was a recent open announcement by Epson--Adorama and B&H in NYC should be selling them for $825 with free shipping until jan 31 and then whenever they choose to do so again. Somebody in your area should doing the same. But who cares the price will be the same with free shpg and most important the 2 stores I listed, on my side of the coast are the most prominent AND hassle free!

I'm using the inkjetcarts refill system, my OEM carts (most) are now drained and I installed the inkjetcart refill system I bought last year along with the 3880-- 2 mos ago. as I stated earlier, it was the availability of reliable quality vendors (3) that pushed my purpose. check my posts here and visit the Inkjet printer forum more more detailed info.

Thank you again!

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