Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

Sports photography is always a challenge, I shot one year with a D700 with good results, if you aren't hitting anything than a combo of settings and practice.

In your case as others have noted and a few other suggestions.

1) Shutterspeed: for fast action depending on how fast 1/250 - 1/500 and sometimes even more. Shooting F8 is a killer unless you are outisde!

2) Focus settings: AFC is a must, spot focus to start, use the AF-ON button not the shutter button to activate. I've had better luck using release priority. AF-Delay depends on many things but find that short to off if you are really good at tracking, or just normal for novices. I personally try to use spot focus and minimum number of tracking spots. These days settled on 21 points

3) Use Auto-ISO, set base ISO maybe 800, set max ISO on D700 to 6400 if you can tolerate a little noise and minimum shutterspeed to 1/500. My preference is always wide open F2 or F2.8!

Nadia373 wrote:

Wow, did I mess up at my Nephew's hockey game. I totally don't understand how to focus during a hockey game. Most of the pictures were blurred, with a few sharp players in the middle of blurred. The lighting and colors were great and no grain. At the game I switched between single to continous focus and all the pictures were bad, it did not matter. I used dynamic auto area AF and 51 points; I read that I should use less focus points. My camera is set on AF-S for focus priority and AF-C release and focus. Focus tracking with lock off. My ISO was set for auto and the pictures were great no grain and bright. I used a 24-70 mm 1:2.8 FX lens. Aperture setting with F 7 set. Yes hand held. I think I need to stick with my portriat pictures. Any suggestions for next time?

Thanks in advance,

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