The M4/3 Paradox

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The M4/3 Paradox

So I was thinking,

Has anyone else noticed around here and other boards/sites (43rumors, stevehuff, etc..) the overwhelming tide of users clamoring for DSLR-sized mirrorless cameras ?

Every time a new camera is being speculated there's people jumping at the opportunity to DEMAND a (pardon the irony) mirrorless ¨DSLR¨ body. I've seen this happen to announcements/rumors made about Sony, Pentax, Fuji, Oly et all, there's at least one comment for every thread/rumor/announcement. Not only this but there's been an unexpected negative backlash towards so called ¨retro¨ looking cameras. Just 6 months ago everyone was drooling at the possibility of slim evf equipped body (just look at the clamor the X100 and Nex7 caused) but now people are suddenly ¨tired¨ of the retro look. Even now that Oly is about to release an OM body, people are arguing whether it should serve as a replacement for 43 bodies (even though a 43 body is expected as well). Last time I looked m43 lenses were small enough, where's the sudden need for huge bodies ?

Are we seeing a sudden case of massive consumer regret ?
Are former DSLR users disturbed by their choice to go mirrorless ?

If this is solely caused by different ergonomics, are then slim bodies incompatible with exchangeable grips ? Considering the 2x crop factor plus the inadequacy of mirrorless AF for sports or birding, what's the percentage of people who need huge long telephoto lenses and thus huge bodies?

Doesn't huge cameras, big lenses and thus tripods just negate the purpose of mirrorless ?

What's the reason for all this ? seriously, I'm sincerely confused by the contradiction.

If people really want DSLR ergonomics why not just get a proper DSLR ? you get better continuous AF, high ISO, lens catalogue, customer support, accessories, etc...Is it the need to stay trendy by using CSCs that outweighs the reality of their needs ? If so, then why not get a GH2 or G3.

What bothers me is the incessant reply to users eager for a slim EVF equipped camera to buy the aforementioned models, thus negating their plea as if the existence of other form factors would be a detriment to DSLR-faux bodies and coexistence was impossible. Broadening the market (as other companies have already done) can only be healthy to M43.

Many threads have touched one or other themes regarding this issue but not directly the ¨user¨ issue. I want to know where this phenomenon came from.


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