Canon G1 X without an OVF mockup

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Re: Canon G1 X without an OVF mockup

The G1X height accommodated not only an OVF but also a pop-up flash. By reducing the height of the G1X, you would lose both the OVF and the pop-up flash.

If you look at the mockup photo, you will see that the "chopped" Canon is the same height as the Panasonic GX1 (I just know I'm going to get GX1 and G1X mixed up). The Pana GX1 still has pop-up flash.

Unlike Fuji (X10), Canon put no effort into improving the OVF, leaving it just barely better than nothing, like the G12. Not worth the extra bulk.

I am assuming the only rational reason to wish for the removal would be the reduction in size?

No $#!+, Sherlock.

The actual reduction in size for removing the OVF doesn't seem like it would be significant enough to change anything about how the camera would be able to be carried as it would seem from the lens alone it would still be too thick for a jeans pocket.

For $800, it should've at least had the EVF from the SX40. That way, the height would still be low, like the Sony NEX7.
Yes, it would make a difference in pocketability.

As noted several times, there's no perfect camera. I think I'll still buy this one despite the unneeded bulk.

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