Canon G1 X without an OVF mockup

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i like it

...count me it. i'm one of those who don't need OVF on a camera like G1 X. to make everyone happy, canon should make a variant without an OVF.

shaocaholica wrote:

I did a quick mockup of what the G1 X would look like without the OVF. A lot of us don't really care for OVFs in compacts/fixed-lens cameras especially since they are not TTL.

I was curious to see what the G1 X would look like without the OVF so I did this quick mockup. I also reclaimed some height from removing the OVF.

I know people will say that you can't remove that much material and expect all the guts to still fit and I will agree that you can't just say/show that without any info to back it up but if you look at the current crop of fixed lens and interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras, you'll see that other manufacturers are able to pull it off in similar dimension bodies.

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