D5 and why they didnt do more with the D4.....

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D5 and why they didnt do more with the D4.....

I want to talk about the limits of what can and could have been done in the
D4 and what needs to be made in a future generation to overcome.. the limits..
i think the Series 1 (V1) is a very good outlook into the future and also the
future of the D5....
11 or 12 fps is probably the limit to what a mirrorcompartment can get at..
The viewfinder is more or less a stills only thing...The live view for movies

works but just sort of... an electronic viewfinder is much better suited for video..

In 4 - 5 years time the electronic viewfinders will be so good that they will have
only major advantages over OVF´s...
The V1 does 60 fps....
The AF is also pretty much at a limit the way things are today especially
the distibution over the frame...
The Series one would be the prototype of what we would find in an Af system
in 5 years..
From the use of the V1 with electronic shutter I know of the 2 major advantages

maybe 3.... One is that it has no vibration whatsoever and that is realy something if
you work with long lenses.. second it is silent.. third you could if
new ways are found synchronise faster then the 250th of a second.....
And finaly if you have a full electronic and not mirror system you can use

a lot of picture modes like multi image HDr etc......much more easily and faster....

I am writing this here because thats with what the Q&A with Nikon D4 engineer Toshiaki Akagi at Rob Gailbraight ended..

I also heard a few months ago that the D lenses wont be able to be used in the future
and that the Af will be like Series 1....

Nikon 1 V1 Nikon D4
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