Canon G1 X without an OVF mockup

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Re: NO!!!! If an EVF is worth having, build it in. Well said !!!!+1

Totally agree with Rod here.

Rod McD wrote:

Hi there,

Detachable EVFs are a BAD idea - kill the concept before Canon are even persuaded to think about it for the G series. Those separate lose 'em, forget 'em, knock 'em off EVFs come at a horrendous additional cost (proportional to the camera) and block the flash shoe in use. What an appalling idea. They're the main reason I've never tried MFT mirrorless.

If an EVF is worth having, it's worth building in!!!! The non-tearing 2.4mpx EVF in the Sony NEX7 appears to be showing the way, and yes it would cost more. I'd actually prefer an (expensive) zooming, 100% FOV, sapphire glass, parallax-correcting and Leica-accurate OVF with full settings info, but we aren't going to get one for a G because it would cost more than a good EVF. In fact, if it were that good it would probably cost more than the camera. So, I'd rather have a good EVF than a mediocre OVF, and I'm prepared to pay for it.

It seems to me that the OP is arguing from his own perspective of not wanting a VF of any kind. Canon and every other manufacturer have to market for differing preferences and there are many photogs who really do want a VF in their G series camera. No-one has to use it. (I experience this myself in a different way - I'd rather have a fixed LCD screen, like the G10, but I'm in the minority. I just put up with this bulky, flapping, breakable thing on the back of my G12 that I never use. C'est la vie.)

Cheers, Rod

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