Why do you withdraw your pictures?

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Re: Why do you withdraw your pictures?

In the realm of infinite diversity of taste and other factors which may determine it (like cultural, religious, experience- and knowlege-dependent etc.), it is practically impossible to accurately evaluate anyone's work of art. This is clearly seen in the votes, if you ignore the unethical ones). As an extreme example: how would we know what an Eskimo would vote on Sahara picture? What would motivate such a voter? Difference? Exotic aspect? Travel wish? Warmth? Or would the sheer lack of everyday elements from his life urge him to vote such a scenery down?

I tend to presume that people who visit one's gallery wouldn't look so much for score-approved successes as for the insight in other people's approach to photographic comments upon our World.

Now if you remove some of lesser (voted) works, you do risk removing beautiful picturesjust forthe sake of some unpredictable value expressed in numbers! Those were quality works, since you have chosen them yourself. Maybe some viewer would look upon it with higher appreciation than some voter... This would be another reason for respecting the Gaussian curve mentioned. In every given gallery (collection, opus, sample, batch...) there are works that the authors themselves rank in their own manner. Same with any casual viewer. This factor cen not be foreseen.

Thus, removal of works by the author's opinion also removes them from other kinds of evaluation - unknown evaluations, which might, as sure as not, be higher.

In general, it can be argued that leaving your work open to view might be more useful than removing it...
Just my opinion.

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