First try for BIF with A580

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Re: Shooting a flying bird...

zackiedawg wrote:

chlamchowder wrote:

That could be because the a580 meters with a different sensor when in live view. When you're using the OVF, it uses a 40 segment meter that looks at the focusing screen. When using live view, it uses the selected live view sensor to provide metering information.

In theory, this shouldn't make a difference with spot and center weighted average metering, but could make a difference with evaluative metering because the camera can get more information from a live view sensor.

Precisely right - the metering is different on the live view system, actually it considers significantly more metering points.

It can still affect the center-weighted metering since it uses the wide metering information with an algorithm which favors the central metering area information more -the spot metering should be about the same though.

yea...sounds in essence the OVF have "misses" here and there but oddly enough i found out those "misses" actually give something of a special feeling to the images i take ...too bad it usually pointed to the center of the image and cant be applied elsewhere...oh well..thats why we have LR3 or photoshop for ...ty guys.

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