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Re: Enviromental issues

amblepath wrote:

I just listened to a lighting expert talk about the hazards and risks of cfl 's to the enviroment. A broken cfl releases a hazardous amount of mercury and other hazards into your home. Also if a worn out cfl is just thrown in the trash instead of being disposed of properly it can contaminate a huge amount of ground water. I hope LED's solve this issue. I have one LED and so far no problems. I can use it as a night light in the kids room. I just push the lamp close to the bookshelf until the right amount of light escapes for them to sleep and there's no heat or risk of fire issues. I don't think the push to cfl's was thought out very well.

Funny that no-one worried about all these issues since the 1940s when fluorescent lamps were introduced as the full size 'strip' types, yet as soon as they were miniaturised people started fretting over them!

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