Why Sony?

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Re: Why Sony?

I have been following Sony since the a900. I am a full time pro, currently off due to a Work Comp injury. I will be back full time in a month or two. I am waiting for the A99 and hoping my Nikons will last long enough. I currently shoot a Leaf AFi7 for product. I use the Nikons in the field. I have about 10 lenses left over from my Minolta 9000 35 mm systems. I went there from Canon F1 35mm.

That said my answer to your question. I could care less about brand name. My problem with Sony is the serial number field not in the EXIF data. I want to use CameraTrace software and it needs the serial number data. Next is ability to tether. The a77 does not do have the firmware. I use Capture one pro. When I have client in the studio it is much better to let them see and approve a shot on screen. I spent too many years pulling media cards out of the camera and inserting in the media reader. I just don't want to go back there. I prefer to go with Sony for many reason so I will have to weigh the pros and cons after the a99 comes out. I just hope Sony seriously wants to get the Pro's back. Many of the Studios are starting to use the video on Canon 7D and 5DmkII, I think Sony could get that market back. I still have friends that have clients that still want them to shoot with Beta Cams.

I guess we just wait and see. I probably only have enough time left on this earth for one more camera system. I do hope it is Sony.......

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