p7100 A mode and min-shutter speed not working

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Re: p7100 A mode with flash and slowest shutter speed

Hi. There are two (or more) ways that manufacturers make "macro focus" mode.

The best way, is that the closer focus works across the entire zoom range, though typically somewhat farther away at tele, than at wide.

This is useful, as it allows you to shoot in tele, macro mode, and get quite a bit of working distance. This allows you to light it with the flash, and allows you to have lots of working distance between the subject and camera, so as to not scare it into running, scuttling, or flying away.

The fuji x10 is like that.

The horrible way many worthless macro modes work, is it only works at extreme wide angle, and forces and allows you to focus in to 1 cm. But to get any image size at all, since it is full wide angle, is to get that close. If you try to take a picture from 10 cm, you will not get any image size at all, of your subject. This makes it impossible to use flash to shoot macro, and scares living subjects away.

The p7100 is worthless in this regard.

Navmark77 wrote:

Sorry I don't understand the problem. Wouldn't you only use macro if you were planning to get in close?

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