Me thinks we have some camera hos in this forum - LOL

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Re: Me thinks we have some camera hos in this forum - LOL

It seems to me, for a long as I've on this forum, that any time a new camera is announced there are those who immediately rush to (pre)order it regardless of brand.

I'm one of those "crazy" folks! My hobbies are: computers etc., and cameras, particularly Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Sony camcorders. I buy and sell cameras and related gear all year long. Not for the money mind you, just the joy of owning & using a new piece of 21st century technology. It's my most fun hobby, and with the aid of E-Bay, it pays for itself.

I have kept, for sentimental reasons, the G5 & G10. The F30/31fd. And the first camera I ever bought on my own, the great Argus C44.

Now, the G1X is one of the most exciting new cameras announced. Canon has gone outside the box here. I think it will be hugely successful, and I'm on the list and can't wait to get one. I'm also considering a Fuji X Pro 1, but we'll see.

As I posted earlier, can you just imagine what camera technology will be like as we go thru the next 15 years? Even 20 years?

If you had told me just 20 years ago, even 15, that I would have a phone (iPhone 4s) that takes great photos, does HD video, gets on the Internet, and does all the things that it does? I would have said you were nuts.

For cameras & etc. that are coming?....I can't wait! So have a little sympathy for us techno geeks.

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