Fuji W5 - some ideas

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Fuji W5 - some ideas

Four is an unlucky number in Asia, so the next Fuji 3d camera will be called
W5 - if there will be one. I think it will, the W3 sold/sells rather well.

The current limits of the W3 are, IMHO, the small sensors and the rather
large minimum focal length. I hope the next model will adress this,
a 2/3" 'enthusiast' sensor and a 24/28 mm efl at the wide end would be
very nice. Two sensors also use a lot of power, so the battery should
become more lasting. I also prefer an EVF.
All this will make the camera larger, but that's ok for me.

But away from wishful thinking and to the idea I am having:
In order to have a variable stereo base, the camera should support
synchronisation with a second camera of the same model, so that
you can use two W5s on a rail. When used this way, only one sensor
will be used on each camera.

One could perhaps have one camera in a 'master mode', and all exposure,
focal length and focus settings on the master are automatically applied to
the other camera in slave mode, via wifi/blue tooth - whatever. And you
can see both cameras' view in the master's 3D display with of course has
grids etc for the alignment of the two images. When taking the picture
on the master (preferably with the self timer), the slave camera is of course
triggered simultanously.

I think this is not impossible to implement, there is of course a lot of
data to be transferred from the slave to the master display, and if this
is not feasable, it can be skipped. For those just using a single two-sensor
camera, the cost will be increased for this synch stuff they will never use.

For those of us using variable stereo bases (and not using Canons :-)),
it would be a very nice solution - and Fuji will be selling two cameras
instead of one.

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