7d indoor/low light lens?

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Re: 7d indoor/low light lens?

I have the Sigma 30 1.4 and the Canon 50 1.4. Wide open the Sigma is considerably sharper. At around f/2.0 or a little bit more, I believe the Canon is sharper.

I just came back from a vacation and the 30 never left my 7D, Although I had two other lenses on my bag. The 30 is a great standard lens which will work very good with portraits also.

While the 1.4 will give you the extra light, it cannot be compared to the use of a speedlight. The speedlight will have totally different feel to the picture and another level of sharpness in low light situations, but sometimes I prefer not to use the speedlight in order to preserve the original feel and look of the picture.

For portraits I mostly use 1 or 2 speedlights and the Canon 50 1.4.

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